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The guy who got away,

From the woman who’s dated them all, here is a bitingly funny field guide to modern dating. After a world-shattering breakup at 23, comedian Gabi Conti spent the rest of her twenties experiencing firsthand the frustrations, heartache, and hilarity of swiping right into relationships. Now, in sage thirty-something comfort, she profiles the 20 different types of men she’s dated—that you’ve probably dated, too

the guy who you always go back to, 
the guy who texts “sup” at 2 AM, the guy with a fetish...
The reviews are in!! 👀

"Gabi Conti is the Carrie Bradshaw of our generation!"

Kelsey Darragh

Author of "Don't F*cking Panic"

“Gabi’s stories of dating failures have made me laugh, give me hope, and above all, made me feel less alone with my own fears and struggles. She is an important voice to basic bitches everywhere.”

Nikki Glaser

Host of HBO Max's  "F Boy Island"

“If you’re in your twenties, absolutely get this and feel seen, and if you’re older than your twenties you will absolutely love (or maybe cringe through) the walk down memory lane. The book is formatted beautifully and is comprised of easy-to-snack-on chapters & amazing graphics, though if you’re like me you’ll devour it all in one sitting. Get it, read it, love it and share it with your favorite boozy book club”

Jessie Pray

Host of Love Murder Podcast

"I really enjoyed this book. I am a 22-year-old who has been in a 2-year relationship that seems to be with “the guy with an expiration date” this is quite an eye-opener as I would like to eventually settle down but know my partner is not the one to do that w and ITS OKAY. Thanks, gabi!"


"This is a really sweet and light-hearted take on dating. Gabi is funny, honest and the book reads like you’re with a friend while getting drinks talking about your dating life. The whole thing is relatable and I love her POV. I can’t recommend this book enough!"


“It's a jungle out there. And, while I haven't been under the canopy for quite some time, I think Gabi is more than qualified to take readers through the thickest parts of it: being single in your twenties. As someone who has never been a woman in my twenties, I know what I'm not talking about.”

Demetri Martin

“Gabi has managed the near-impossible task of completely screwing up her 20s, while miraculously paying enough attention to, not only learn from her mistakes but to teach others. If I had a daughter, I would buy this for her on her 19th birthday and make her read it in front of me before sending her out into the world.”

Anthony Jeselnik

"Gabi's unabashed personality, vulnerability, and humor makes her the only person qualified -- and also fearless -- enough to write this dating book"

Gabe Dunn

Author of "Bad with Money"

“The power of Gabi Conti is her courage to practice transparency. As a host, comedian, and author, she chooses to show herself. She shares her amazing relatable story with her audience which separates her from other talents. She is smart, aware, funny, and vulnerable. She is the refreshing voice of her generation.”

John Kim

Author of "It's Not Me, It's You"

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Filled with charts and quizzes, hysterical anecdotes, and helpful insight from therapists, dating coaches, successful couples, and even the guys she dated (yep, she interviewed 19 exes for this book!) these pages offer advice and humor in equal measure.

Candid, comical, and utterly relatable, this is a handbook for anyone who has spent their adult life on countless bad dates and is ready for the real deal.

By Gabi Conti

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